Library Design and Synthesis

GRK Research Labs has an experienced library team involved in the design and synthesis of focused libraries using parallel chemistry to cater the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies with competitive pricing.

  • Library design
  • Synthesis validation
  • Stability studies
  • Library synthesis
  • Packing & Shipping

Library design :

With immense synthetic chemistry knowledge, GRK Research Labs team attempts to create a library using known literature and prior experience in route scouting, availability of scaffolds, number of synthetic steps and workup procedures.

Based on the design and selection of building blocks a virtual library will be enumerated with desired properties and shared with clients for selection of compounds for the final library synthesis.

Synthesis validation:

The synthetic route will be validated to explore the chemistry and to establish a robust synthetic protocol for the library synthesis.

Library synthesis:

All library compounds synthesized at GRK Research Labs, are analysed by LC-MS and 1H-NMR for representative compounds.

Packing and Shipping:

Library compounds details will be captured in SD file format to share with client. Compounds are packed as per client needs in suitable vials or well boxes and shipped to client.

Scale up and re-supply of hit compounds:

At GRK Research Labs, re-supply of selected compounds in larger batches are delivered with certificate of analysis in shortest possible time. All compounds are analysed by 1HNMR and LCMS. Additional tests are provided if client needed.

Collaboration Models

  • Full time equivalent (FTE)
  • Fee for service (FFS) per library
  • Single price per compound

At GRK Research Labs, library projects are supervised by dedicated project leader who is in touch with client from start to end. Project leader communicates with client for sharing the progress of project, bi-weekly reports and final report after completion of the project. On average, the library projects are completed in 2-4 months with required man power. Exact duration and man power depends on the nature of the project.