Chemistry Services

GRK Research Labs offers the following Chemistry Services to support the areas of medical research, chemical/pharmaceutical development, lead compound / pro-drug synthesis, flavours, fragrances, agro chemicals and materials chemistry.

  • Discovery Chemistry
  • Library Design and Synthesis
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Process Chemistry and non-GMP large scale synthesis
  • Materials Chemistry

GRK Research Labs has over two decades of combined experience in synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, library synthesis, parallel chemistry and custom synthesis. Our scientists are well experienced in chemical transformations like heterocyclic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, nucleosides chemistry, metal mediated synthesis, peptide chemistry, reductive amination, reductions, oxidations, cyanation, chlorination, nitration, Friedel-Crafts reactions, C, O, N-alkylations, boronic acids, chiral resolutions, bio transformations and many more.

Evaluation of request for proposal (RFP):

At GRK Research Labs, synthetic design is arrived after careful evaluation of chemistry by our team using SciFinder, Reaxys and our pior experience. Based on literature precedency and our prior experience, quotation is made with competitive pricing and timeline.

Execution and Communication:

Dedicated project leader along with experienced MS chemists are assigned for every project. Project leader takes onus for the project from start to finish and communicates with client through email for day to day progress of the project, shares bi-weekly reports and participates in teleconferences. All findings and project details are entered in note books with analytical data. After completion of each project, final reports including analytical reports shared with client.

Problem Solving:

At GRK Research Labs, scientific data base SciFinder is accessible to all scientists and chemists. Project leader transparently shares any problem in the execution and proactively suggests the possible solutions to the client. The client suggestions are implemented with utmost priority before changing the route or chemistry. Regular weekly meetings are conducted with project leaders to solve the problematic chemistry.


Our strong support team for material sourcing allows rapid start of the synthesis, our well experienced synthetic team prepares the compounds in time and our logistics team ensures delivery of the compounds to client. We work with our clients to streamline the workflow to maximize productivity and to shorten the overall cycle time.

IP & Confidentiality:

All IP generated during the execution of projects sole property of our clients. All findings and final reports are shared with client for future references. Lab note books and analytical data are stored securely.


GRK Research Labs follows safety policies for personnel safety and environmental protection. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is available to all members.

For Quote :

Please contact us with your chemistry requirements and we will get a professional quote back to you as soon as possible with affordable pricing.