Custom Synthesis

GRK Research Labs provides custom synthesis of novel organic compounds in milligrams to multi-gram quantities for the areas of medical research, chemical / pharmaceutical development, lead compound / pro-drug development, flavours, fragrances, agro chemicals and organic light-emitting diode (OLED).

  • Small molecules
  • Building Blocks
  • Intermediates
  • Reference compounds
  • Starting materials
  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical impurities and contaminants

Evaluation of request for proposal (RFP) :

GRK Research Labs custom synthesis timelines are shorter with lower price if client provides known literature procedure or their own synthetic route with all experimental details (reaction times, solvents, temperatures, analytical data, purification methods, yields, etc.). If synthetic information is limited or unavailable in literature, GRK Research Labs custom synthesis team will determine best synthetic route based on literature search of target compounds or prior experience and provide an estimate of cost and delivery time.

Execution and Communication:

Upon approval from client for custom synthesis, dedicated project leader with one or more experienced chemists will be assigned to the project full-time. Project leader will communicate with client about progress of work and share bi-weekly reports and final report after completion of project.

Samples of intermediate compounds are available on request at any stage of the synthesis. All final compounds are shipped with certificate of analysis (1HNMR and 95% LCMS purity).

For Quote:

Please contact us with your custom synthesis requirements and we will get a professional quote back to you within 72 hours with competitive price and estimated timeline of synthesis.